Phil Gyford


Tuesday 14 September 2004

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Both problems have now been solved.

At the weekend I finally upgraded to Movable Type 3.11, and it is indeed nice and shiny and lovely. However, I’m having a couple of problems with it, which I’m posting here on the off-chance anyone reading this can solve them. I link to my posts on the MT support forum where I describe them more fully.

First, has anyone got Scheduled Posting to work? I get errors when I run-periodic-tasks is run. See the full explanation.

Second, I’m having problems with “403 Throttled” errors. When I publish a new entry on Pepys’ Diary all the links to the background info pages generate TrackBacks (background info is another weblog). But after five TrackBacks no more were sent, and I got lots of errors in the Activity Log. See the full explanation.

Any suggestions much appreciated. Getting Scheduled Posting to work with weblog entries written in 1661 will be my own personal challenge…

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