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Friday 5 March 2004

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After being a member of the Well for seven years, I’ve finally succumbed to the long-term doubt that it’s not worth ten quid a month to me. I never really felt like part of the community, or found a huge number of conferences to immerse myself in, although I did enjoy Wired, Future and Mac (an unparalleled source of Apple Mac help and advice), all of which I’ll miss.

The highlight for me was Martha Soukup’s wonderful Media conference updates about the first series of Big Brother (US), when I


We will miss you in the Wired conf, Phil.

There are a lot of cool people on The Well, but over the years I've realized that most of the "regulars" are really scary, unpleasant people who don't have much in the way of normal human interaction. Many are filled with hate and delusions of superiority; some are actually psychotic. There are islands of sanity--Home, Mac, Web--but most of The Well has shrunk to about 400 mean spirits, endlessly lashing out at each other, year in and year out. Kind of sad, I think.

Posted by Adam on 5 March 2004, 4:40 pm | Link

Yeah, too many pointless arguments I think. The Mac conference is nearly worth the money alone to be honest, in terms of having easy access to pleasant people who often know how to fix a problem. But I just never get round to reading it these days :(

I enjoy Wired, but can't help feeling I need to at least make some effort to "let go" a little!

Posted by Phil Gyford on 5 March 2004, 5:01 pm | Link

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