Phil Gyford


Wednesday 12 November 2003

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I recently spent a couple of weeks working on the re-jigged version of the Action Energy website. It’s “a government-funded programme, [that] helps businesses and public sector organisations save money through energy saving.” Not that I’m looking for any credit (or, should you see fit, blame) for the site, as my role was purely copying and pasting text from the old site into the CMS, so if you see a sentence cut short, or a broken link, there’s a less than 50 per cent chance it’s my fault. Sorry.

(Some among you might wonder why content has to be manually copied and pasted back into a content mangement system, and might think that perhaps a content management system should, you know, manage content and make redesigns a simple task. Some might also think that a CMS should be simple and fast and have abstraction in all the right places, rather than be a slow and complex ActiveX-based tool containing too much hard-coded HTML. I, however, couldn’t possibly comment.)

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