Phil Gyford


Sunday 27 July 2003

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If you ever followed my guide to encoding MP3s with LAME in iTunes, you may find v2.x of iTunes-LAME Encoder better than the old AppleScript version I originally pointed to. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks nicer and apparently has the LAME code built in.

UPDATE (19 July 2007): iTunes-LAME has stopped working properly as of version 7.1 of iTunes. You can read more on the iTunes-LAME forum, or you might like to try one of these alternatives:

Works in a very similar manner to iTunes-LAME. What I’m currently using as a replacement.
A more complex application for encoding audio files into a variety of formats. Has the option to import the files into iTunes after encoding.
NMP3 Ripper
I haven’t tried this one but might be worth a try if the other two aren’t right for you.

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