Phil Gyford


Sunday 27 July 2003

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My Mac’s been getting gradually slower and more horrifically crash prone for the past week, to the point where it was unusable. So I’m spending the weekend reinstalling everything which, so far, is making it feel much zippier. In the process I’ve lost email for most of Thursday and Friday, so if you sent me something and I don’t reply, that might be why.

Anyway, when reinstalling OS X I forgot to customise it to switch off all the extra languages installed by default. Thankfully I found a few retrospective solutions, Monolingual being the one I chose. It lets you pick which languages to keep and then spends a few hours chugging away deleting files. A little scary, but I now appear to have almost half a gig more disk space.

The same author has produced AmIAScreenSaverOrNot, which “pulls images off of the ‘Am I Hot Or Not’ web site for your amusement.” I haven’t tried it.

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