Phil Gyford


Monday 30 June 2003

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Having been made redundant from UpMyStreet and enjoyed a month of working on my own projects, I’m now looking for freelance or contract work. So if you need an Information Architect type, or someone who can design and construct websites with decent HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL, drop me a line. I build clean, usable, accessible and robust sites with well-commented code. I’m reliable, literate, a nice guy and I like baking cakes. My CV is here.

At UpMyStreet I was responsible for planning, designing and building new sections of the the main website and sites for private and public-sector clients (such as the front-end for SomersetOnLine). During eight years of making websites I have worked in an editorial capacity for Capital Radio and played an integral part in constructing sites for a variety of big-name companies.

I have created sites for friends, such as Insight Art and the bilingual, and my personal projects include:

Allows users to keep track of when their favourite writers publish new articles in a number of online publications.
Pepys’ Diary
A weblog-style, real-time version of Samuel Pepys’ 17th century diaries with an enthusiastic community of users contributing annotations.
Haddock Directory
A directory of over 18,000 links posted to a small group mailing list.

If you have something that might be up my street, then email me!

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