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Monday 20 January 2003

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Apologies for posting exactly the same thing here and on the About Pepys’ Diary weblog, but… On Tuesday 21st January at around 1.40pm GMT I


So, I should probably say... the interview was fun and I think it went well. Robert Elms was incredibly enthusiastic about the site, but then he's paid to sound incredibly enthusiastic and obviously hadn't worked out how to leave the front page of the site himself. All the usual questions about how and why I started it, about how it's a big committment, and about how much more interesting it is because of all the annotations. It was about 7 minutes in total.

Posted by Phil Gyford on 23 January 2003, 10:38 am | Link

they do archive some of the stuff from the robert elms show at… - but unfortunately they obviously didn't put you in the same class as brian sewell

Posted by martin on 27 January 2003, 10:40 pm | Link

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