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  1. Horses and Ale – the end of two eras – Symbols & Secrets

    I knew there used to be stables up Whitecross Street but hadn’t realised it was in the (apparently recently closed) Travis Perkins .

  2. Archeological Desk Based Assessment of 141-47 Whitecross Street (PDF)

    Interesting to see the what they need to assess before redeveloping even quite a small site like this, with information going back to Palaeolithic times.

  3. Whitecross Street Estate - 2010 - Publica (PDF)

    A report on the Peabody estate that spans Whitecross Street, from 2010. An interesting read. It sounded like a quite reasonable amount of work would make a big different to a lot of the public/residents’ spaces which are neither car park or useful/enjoyable space. But I’m not sure how much has actually changed since.

  4. Planning Application Details - 149-157 Whitecross Street, EC1Y

    For turning half of the row of empty buildings on Whitecross Street into four commercial units and nine flats, in a  faux Victorian/Georgian style.

  5. Twist in the sale as Whitecross Street shops go for £3.5m | Islington Tribune

    Those derelict shops/flats on Whitecross Street have been sold at auction.

  6. Finsbury market trader wins battle to stop flats and shops grab | Islington Tribune

    From a couple of months ago about the derelict shops on Whitecross Street that are now up for auction for £3 million.

  7. Commercial property for sale in 141-157 Whitecross Street, London, EC1Y 8JL, EC1Y

    Those derelict shops on Whitecross Street are up for auction, which sounds good. “Only” £3 million…

  8. LRB · Charles Nicholl · ‘A Naughty House’

    Entertaining account of some early 17th century people and places around Whitecross Street, St John Street, Barbican.

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