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Links tagged with “wallets”

  1. The Revelation Wallet | Barrett Alley - Handmade in USA

    Small, slim, handmade leather wallets. There must be British places that make things like this. (via Carryology)

  2. EDC Gear

    Oh, way too many cool little things for your pockets, none of which I need at all.

  3. Carbon Sailcloth Bi-Fold wallet - Folksy

    Alternative to the previous wallet, this one made in the UK. (via @timd)

  4. Wa-ben Cuben Fiber Wallet | Stick’s Blog

    For future reference, for when my current 15-year-old Muji wallet gives up the ghost. (via @GreatDismal)

  5. Slim Your Wallet - Slim Leather Wallets by Bellroy

    Nice wallets, maybe, for when my 15-year-old Muji one collapses.

  6. Wa-ben - The Wallet

    William Gibson’s wallet, made of Cuben Fiber CT9K.5. (via @GreatDismal)

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