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Links tagged with “via:putthison”

  1. Taylor Single-Pleat Trouser Navy Military Twill by Epaulet | Epaulet New York

    Look quite nice I think. For future reference. Available in other colours. (via Put This On)

  2. What We Wore — A People’s Style History

    I do love some of these photos. (via Put This On)

  3. Male pattern boldness

    “I started sewing in 2009 and today make all my own clothes using mainly vintage patterns and vintage sewing machines.”

  4. TaylorTailor

    “I’m on a mission to design and create my entire wardrobe from scratch. It’s going to take a while.” Also, bags.

  5. Alievens

    A guy in Belgium who makes his own shirts, trousers, jackets. (via Put This On)

  6. Old Town Clothing - classic British workwear - Holt, Norfolk, England

    Someone suggested to Put This On that this is wear Monty Don gets his clothes from.

  7. Monty Don: Dirty dressing | Life and style | The Observer

    On the clothes he wears for gardening, from 2005. (via Put This On)

  8. Ivory Tower Style, Online discussion forums are like fish colonies -…

    Some of the most useful or funny old threads on Style Forum. (via Put This On)

  9. Sneaking through U.S. Customs with Converse All-Star invention - GazEtc

    Adding fibres to the rubber soles of Converse All Stars means they qualify as slippers rather than sneakers, and so attract a much lower import duty. (via Put This On)

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