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Links tagged with “via:migurski”

  1. John McPhee: Structure : The New Yorker

    About ways to structure non-fiction, and the text editor he’s always used, Kedit. A really good read. (via Migurski)

  2. iWantHue

    Another colour palette-generating thing. Looks nice, although I did seem to keep getting palettes containing two or more very similar shades. (via Migurski)

  3. Amazon, Apple, and the beauty of low margins — Remains of the Day

    An interesting look at Amazon’s business, low margins. stock turnover, pricing strategies, competitors, etc. (via Migurski)

  4. On Being A Senior Engineer

    A really good read. Could also be called “How to be a mature person to work with.” Or just “How to be a grown-up.”

  5. Programmer Time Translation Table | Passion for Coding

    Nice article on translating programmers’ time estimates into reality. Less snarky than that sounds. (via Migurski)

  6. On Developing with PhoneGap | These are maps

    A positive write-up of the experience. (via Migurski)

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