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Links tagged with “via:lineageofinfluence”

  1. Pharmacie

    Sock subscription service, made in Italy. I’d like to see more examples of the designs first. (via Lineage of Influence)

  2. Alan Paine | Alan Paine

    I like some of these jumpers and things. (via Lineage of Influence)

  3. IGNOBLE - Backpacks

    Those are some nice looking, slightly different, backpacks. (via Lineage of Influence)

  4. Outlier Tailored Performance Clothing for a Life in Motion

    If you tell me your simple, plain-looking clothes are made out of innovative hi-tech fabrics, I’m half-way there. (via Lineage of Influence)

  5. Beauty Through Bamboo on Vimeo

    Nice video watching John Cho Moore hand-making one of his good-looking bags, using bamboo as a frame. (via Lineage of Influence)

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