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Links tagged with “via:jamesbridle”

  1. Neal Stephenson Responds With Wit and Humor - Slashdot

    I’ve only read the answer to question 2, but that’s worth linking to alone. On the difference between two different worlds of writers. “The reason she’d never heard of me was because I was famous.” (via @JamesBridle)

  2. Don’t Make Me Steal

    Very interesting. Some of the points annoy me (what is “cinema price”?, why on earth is “I can download nearly every movie ever made” a condition of not stealing one movie?) but interesting. (via @jamesbridle)

  3. Amazon introduces new Kindle eBook format and makes a major misstep :Guido Henkel

    This kind of obsolescence in an already fairly new platform doesn’t encourage me to buy a Kindle. (via @jamesbridle)

  4. Liddy Scheffknecht | iGNANT

    Photos of buildings covered in scaffolding with everything except the scaffolding removed. (Thanks James.)

  5. Reading Markson Reading

    Brilliant: scans of pages of books owned by David Markson which ended up in the Strand bookstore after his death. His annotations are explained and examples of corresponding passages in his own work are given. (via @jamesbridle)

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