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2012-09-03 (Monday)


  1. Neal Stephenson Responds With Wit and Humor - Slashdot

    I’ve only read the answer to question 2, but that’s worth linking to alone. On the difference between two different worlds of writers. “The reason she’d never heard of me was because I was famous.” (via @JamesBridle)


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    @phl Get with it! "Modified Tweet" I think. Like RT but with an edited version of the tweet, hopefully still making sense.

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    I only have passing interest in one boat, but nice! MT @arhayward: @philgyford Given… interest in… RNLI you might find @outonashout of… use.

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    And lifeboats interacting on Twitter: MT @BurnhamLifeboat: Launched: to collect a tow from @WaltonRNLI at Foulness to return to Essex Marina

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    I do like how different RNLI twitter accounts all use #RNLIshout when their lifeboats launch, loosely linking them all together.

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    @minor9th I have no personal experience, but @HulaNails at the top of Whitecross Street certainly *looks* great.

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    @megp Thanks for the pointer! Only looked at the screenshots but yes, it looks surprisingly nice! ie, not like a bank.

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    Why did 80,000 people boo George Osborne? Because that's the maximum capacity of the Olympic Stadium.