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Links tagged with “via:interconnected”

  1. Young Directors’ Guide to Lighting

    A nice guide by Alex Forey to how theatre directors should work with lighting designers. (via Interconnected)

  2. Going “Write-Only”

    This goes… a bit far, but I still like reading about people’s strategies for disconnecting themselves from some or all of the internet. (via Interconnected)

  3. - Your Daily Source of Natural Rain Sounds

    “A stochastic audio engine generates a realistic rain shower by randomly drawing sounds from different categories such as light rain, heavier rain, thunder, and water sounds.” (via Interconnected)

  4. How to Write a Book in Three Days: Lessons from Michael Moorcock | Wet Asphalt

    I spent a lot of teenage time reading these books. (via Boing Boing via Interconnected)

  5. A Brief History of the Corporation: 1600 to 2100

    (June 2011) Really good look at corporations in a very broad sense, from East India Company, Smithian Growth, Mercantilist Economy (1600-1800), to Schumpterian Growh, Industrial Economy (1800-2000), and now Coasean Grown and the Perspective Economy. (via Interconnected I think)

  6. IS Parade

    Lovely, lovely Flash thing that shoes all your twitter followers following you in a big parade. Charmingly done and you must try it. (via Interconnected)

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