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  1. — All-in-one bookmark manager

    Looks like a much nicer alternative to the rather neglected Pinboard. Also run by one person. (via

  2. I cite: End of #OccupyWallStreet: conflict over drummers

    Nothing good can come of drumming circles. But this is very interesting. People who simply won’t play the rules (however collectively those rules are agreed) are why democracies end up with police forces. And online communities end up banning people. etc. (via @ianbetteridge)

  3. Porn blocking: what the big four ISPs are actually doing | Broadband | News | PC Pro

    A good description of what this “porn blocking” actually involves. The filtering actually happens through McAfee Family Protection, installed on the users’ Windows PCs. I wish newspapers, TV, etc were this accurate and less hand wavy. (via @ianbetteridge)

  4. Americans Are Horribly Misinformed About Who Has Money - Politics - GOOD

    It’s staggering, as ever, to see how financially unequal the country is, but also fascinating to see how people don’t realise it. I’m not sure I’d have responded much more accurately, and it’s also probably similar in the UK. (via @ianbetteridge)

  5. Witopia :: Welcome

    VPNs, about $40-60 per year. I’m considering one to avoid my ISP logging all my activity, and people on open wifi networks snooping. Bonus: A US IP address = access to Hulu. (via Ian Betteridge on Twitter)

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