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Links tagged with “via:iamdanw”

  1. prosthetic knowledge

    This tumblr of design/art/tech right now is very, very good. (via @iamdanw I think)

  2. The Exquisitely English (and Amazingly Lucrative) World of London Clerks - Bloomberg

    A good insight into a world I knew nothing about. Now I know who those people are pushing carts of boxes of papers, who I see on the way to work. (via @iamdanw)

  3. On Robert Silvers | Online Only | n+1

    Memories of working with the New York Review of Books editor. (via @iamdanw)

  4. Design Jobs / It’s Nice That Jobsboard

    I imagine this has jobs at some nice places (and the usual), given it’s from It’s Nice That. And I’ll forget the name if I don’t bookmark it. (via @iamdanw)

  5. Listening Post Ten Years On ←‍ 

    This was already one of my favourite pieces of art, and reading how clever it is behind the scenes, and how they’ve been updating it (it can now run on data from Twitter, rather than just IRC and forums), it’s even more so. (via @iamdanw)


    I do like this Tumblr. (via @iamdanw)

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