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Links tagged with “via:gilest”

  1. Walden Pond

    A monthly zine/book posted to you, generated from articles in your Pocket list. A bit Newspaper Club-like. (via

  2. British Record Shop Archive

    Lovely. (via

  3. Montaigne

    Turns a folder in your Apple Notes into a website (with RSS feed). (via

  4. The twenty tens: my lucky decade – Matt Edgar writes here

    If you’re looking for inspiration for how to think about your work/life over the next decade, this look back on Matt’s 2010s is lovely. (via @gilest)

  5. You Don’t Need WordPress: Create A Blog With Google Docs

    What it says, which is an interesting idea. (via Giles Turnbull)

  6. Brutalist Websites

    A nice collection of websites that look a lot more interesting than most, to remind us that the interesting web isn’t dead. (I don’t like the term ‘brutalist’ for these, but still.) (via @gilest)

  7. A GDS Story | Government Digital Service

    Really nice as a chronicle of an evolving service’s history. It’s so easy to lose this stuff. Especially great that it has lots of old screenshots, sketches, photos etc. It’d be good if more organisations and companies found time to do this kind of thing. (via @gilest)

  8. MWeb - Pro Markdown writing, note taking and static blog generator App - MWeb

    Sounds like a nice thing. Haven’t tried it. (via @gilest)

  9. People Here Actually Show Their Livestock - The Morning News

    This is very simple but very lovely. There should be more of this. I’d like to read more unsensational, kind stories about what people around the UK are doing, for example. (via @gilest)

  10. I will commit £23.32 per month to a citizen-run news service for Leeds… – Matt Edgar

    Interesting… trying to get a regular, quality, local, online news-site funded. Not by individual readers paying, or by one deep-pocketed entity paying, but something in between. (via gilest)

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