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Links tagged with “trousers”

  1. Taylor Single-Pleat Trouser Navy Military Twill by Epaulet | Epaulet New York

    Look quite nice I think. For future reference. Available in other colours. (via Put This On)

  2. Building a New Pants Wardrobe

    Pants as in trousers, of course. I don’t plan to do any of this, but I like “building a wardrobe” articles.

  3. Oxford Bags (Put This On)

    Blimey, look at the size of some of those 1920s trousers! They make, say, “Madchester” baggy jeans look like drainpipes.

  4. The New Pants Revue | Beyond The Beyond

    Bruce Sterling comparing old and new 5.11 Tactial Pants. I love this SF-writer/fashion crossover point. I tried some of these on recently and they seemed oddly baggy. Maybe I’m too used to jeans. (via @GreatDismal)

  5. Outbound Cargos - Mens Trousers

    Winner of the inaugural Phil Gyford Best New Trouser of the Year Competition. I’m very, very picky about trousers, but these are comfortable, long enough, look fine and, best of all, have superb pocketage.

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