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Links tagged with “toread”

  1. New York Review of Ideas

    Looks like rather a nice new online journal thing, marred only by having its articles split over several pages. Maddening. (via Kottke)

  2. Understand - a novelette by Ted Chiang

    Webb recommended this to Coates and it sounds interesting but I hate reading on the screen so maybe I’ll never get round to reading it even so. (via Plasticbag)

  3. BLDGBLG: Interview with Mike Davis: Part 1

    This sounds good. Must read it next week. (via Blackbeltjones)

  4. Amazon: Listmania! - View List “Revolutions and State Collapse”

    Damn, I need to find a few spare months from somewhere. These all sound fascinating.

  5. Books Search Results: Charles Tilly

    Tilly has written some interesting sounding books about social movements, revolutions, collective violence, etc.

  6. Yahoo open up their UI libraries… (

    Links to all Yahoo’s shiny developer things in one handy place for me to never get round to reading.

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