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Links tagged with “testing”

  1. Unit test your Django views

    Unit testing Django’s class-based views seems difficult to do simply. This helps.

  2. Test A Reusable Django Application For Support Of Multiple Django Releases With Tox And Travisci | Joe Bergantine

    A clear description of how to do something that pretty much worked. Always a pleasure.

  3. - Locate, Contribute to and Sponsor an Open Device Lab (ODL)

    ODLs “establish shared community pools of internet connected devices for testing purposes of web and app developers.”

  4. Huddle/PhantomCSS

    “A CasperJS module for automating visual regression testing with PhantomJS and Resemble.js. For testing Web apps, live style guides and responsive layouts.” (via @tomstuart)

  5. JavaScript Testing Recipes

    Sounds very good. Adding to the list of books I really should read.

  6. Karma

    “Test Runner for JavaScript”. (via @yoz)

  7. Mocha

    “A feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on node.js and the browser”. (via @yoz)

  8. WebPagetest - Website Performance and Optimization Test

    Very detailed graphs and stuff. (via @tomtaylor)

  9. Test-Driven Django Tutorial

    Quite verbose tutorial, in a good way. Assumes very little Django knowledge, which is great/tedious depending on your own level.

  10. Testing and Django by Carl Meyer — Marc’s PyCon 2012 Notes 1.0 documentation

    Good, useful, notes on a presentation about testing in Django. (Actually, go up to all of Marc’s PyCon 2012 notes for loads more good stuff.)

  11. Home — genetify — GitHub

    For testing how different ways of doing things on your site are used by people. Sounds good. (via Yoz)

  12. Feedback Army - Home [Website Feedback Service]

    Get feedback on your website from Mechanical Turk users. Ten responses $7. (via Waxy)

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