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Links tagged with “teaching”

  1. Ghostweather R&D Blog: Teaching a Semester of D3.js

    On teaching D3.js to journalism students with no JavaScript experience. I can barely imagine.

  2. The importance of not knowing: reflections of a designer tutor

    Matt Ward with a decade’s worth of tips on teaching design. Very good. I miss Design.

  3. 10 rules for students and teachers - Global - Imagination

    Good. By John Cage, posted in Merce Cunningham’s studio. (via @matthewward)

  4. Seth’s Blog: Textbook rant

    Why textbooks prescribed for college courses are a bad thing: “They are expensive … They don’t make change … They don’t sell the topic … They are incredibly impractical.” (via Preoccupations)

  5. Home Page | Flat World Knowledge

    Creative Commons licensed textbooks, written by “experts” and peer-reviewed, which are then free to read online (or pay for a printable version). Little available right now, but promising. (via Preoccupations)

  6. Foresight Education Project

    A new wiki about teaching foresight / futures / etc. Includes course outlines etc. Promising.

  7. School of Everything

    Currently a way to list and find teachers of many subjects. More features planned for the future. (via Blackbeltjones on Iain Tait)

  8. Core77 - 1000 Words of Advice for Design Teachers

    Links to 1000 Words for Design Students (via Kottke)

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