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  1. How to treat Morrissey? Stop listening to him | Stewart Lee | Opinion | The Guardian

    Good generally, but particularly for the stock of rock analogy.

  2. Will Cameron’s call for popular films mean more silent comedies? | Comment is free | The Observer

    Very good Stewart Lee piece on the value of doing things you care about, rather than being all David Cameron and doing something “more commercial”. (via @moleitau)

  3. Stewart Lee: What I really think about Michael McIntyre : Features 2011 : Chortle : The UK Comedy Guide

    On, you know, all that stupid stuff. Very good. Also, it ends with a joke. (via Alan Connor)

  4. Stewart Lee - Officially the 41st Best Stand Up Ever - Latest News

    Scroll down the newsletter for “More from the message boards”, nearly 500 web comments and press reviews describing how awful Stewart Lee is. Brilliant press. (not a permalink)

  5. / Arts / Film & Television - Joking apart

    Stewart Lee on things being what they are, on the wrongness of turning one thng — a book, performance, etc — into another. (via Tom Taylor)

  6. - reviews and writing - English Hecklers in New Zealand - May 2005

    “In the 90s, Baddiel and Skinner let the thugs have our comedy. And then Oasis and The Happy Mondays let the thugs have our music. Now there are lads at indie rock gigs and lads at comedy. Where is our space? What belongs to us?” (via Oblinks)

  7. NOTBBC - The Comedy Forum - Lee and Herring @ Tedstock

    YouTube video of Lee & Herring performing old and new material. “Hello, I’m a Mac.” “It could have been us! Where did it all go wrong!?” Very funny.

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