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Links tagged with “robots”

  1. Who Will Command The Robot Armies?

    Loads of good stuff in this transcript of Maciej Ceglowski’s latest talk. The section taking the piss out of silly IoT things seems like a trivialising distraction though.

  2. Predators and Robots at War by Christian Caryl | The New York Review of Books

    “The US Air Force now trains more UAV operators each year than traditional pilots.” “There are already more [military] robots operating on the ground (15,000) than in the air (7,000).” “…a pilotless aircraft … ‘has the same rights as if a person were inside it, … official policy.’”

  3. Actroid F Female Telepresence Robot Looks Super Real, Creepy (video)

    Watch the videos. Yes, a bit creepy but also amazing progress with making human-like expressions with machines.

  4. Robotlab - art | installation | research

    Industrial robotic arms repurposed as super-accurate DJs. (via Schluze & Webb)

  5. Photos: Mecha evolution | CNET

    The history of giant robot exoskeletons in five easy steps.

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