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Links tagged with “rap”

  1. Transcribing Lil’ Kim | The Ethan Hein Blog

    As someone who doesn’t think much about the details of music I listen to, I love this analysis of the rhythm, rhymes, etc in this verse.

  2. White people with acoustic instruments covering rap songs | The Ethan Hein Blog

    Interesting thoughts, from 2018. e.g. I’d (stupidly) never noticed that it’s only white people who do covers of rap songs.

  3. Rap Stats | Rap Genius

    I love hearing songs that mention Internet things when they’re still pretty new. A graph showing usage of social media brand names over time. (via Kottke)

  4. DJ Matthew Africa - I Wish You Would - Ninety-Now

    I’m far from a connoisseur, but I really enjoyed these four podcast mixes featuring 1990s east-coast indie-label rap.

  5. zSHARE - Jaguar Skills x Kid Potential - 30 Years Of Hip-Hop In 60 Minutes.mp3

    If you haven’t already, you want that inconspicuous “Download this File” link. 538 tracks in an hour.

  6. YouTube - Design Coding

    Rap: “Please don’t use tables even though they work fine, when it come to indexing they give searches a hard time. Make it easy for the spiders to crawl what you provide, remove font-type, font-color and font-size.” Awesome. (via Haddock)

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