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Links tagged with “protest”

  1. Slavoj Žižek · Trouble in Paradise: The Global Protest · LRB 18 July 2013

    “To demand consistency at strategically selected points where the system cannot afford to be consistent is to put pressure on the entire system.”

  2. Sam Jacob Opinion column on modern protests

    On how vague so many protests are, and how they involve almost random signs, so long as they generate publicity. (via @cityofsound)

  3. Demonstration at St Pancras International, 14 - 11- 2007 — Camden Cycling Campaign

    One of the downsides of the new station: stupid little bike racks (obviously designed years ago by someone who never used a bike) a long way from anywhere useful.

  4. Candace: even more critical mass

    Don’t you love living in a free country? Grrrrr.

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