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Links tagged with “podcasts”

  1. Revolutions

    “A weekly podcasting exploring great political revolutions.” (via Ask MetaFilter)

  2. Podcast Out – The New Inquiry

    “A sense of ennui and overdetermination binds the audience of NPR podcasts together in a bloc of obnoxious explainerism.” I don’t listen to many podcasts but this sounds right to my fact-free prejudices. (via Buckslip)

  3. The Americans: Slate TV Club Insider by Slate Magazine on iTunes

    Episode-by-episode from season three, for when we get there. (via Beeker)

  4. Slow German - Lerne alles über Deutschland!

    A podcast about Germany, in German, but spoken slowly and clearly to help with learning.

  5. Samuel Pepys, Swedish Tweets and the craziest photo app yet (ft. Phil Gyford, Samuel Pepys Diary blog) | Off The Wall Post

    I’m on this podcast talking about Pepys and Pretend Office and, you know, stuff. It was fun!

  6. Playlist for Mudd Up! with DJ/Rupture - April 18, 2011

    Pretty much just listening to this one on repeat at the moment.

  7. Shift Run Stop – Episode 7: New Year’s Special – Adam Curtis and Avery Edison

    Not to put down Avery Edison, but the Adam Curtis bits of this are fascinating and really worth a listen.

  8. Royal Academy of Arts Events

    Podcast of Royal Academy talks, including all of this and last year’s ‘The Architects Who Made London’ lectures. Good stuff.

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