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Links tagged with “oreilly”

  1. Flask Web Development - O’Reilly Media

    This book was really good for helping to structure a slightly larger Flask site than I was previously used to. I’m liking Flask, but it does require piecing together lots of knowledge to sew parts together.

  2. Pinboard on the Next Economy Conference (with tweets) · bnwlfsn · Storify

    Long, live tweet commentary on O’Reilly’s conference which might make you laugh, cry, or grab a pitchfork. I wonder what someone in 50 or 100 years would think of this. (via @kevin2kelly)

  3. Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

    Sounds like an interesting, free, online book for those of us unlikely to learn real programming any time soon. (via Infovore)

  4. What is it like to write a technical book? at Xaprb

    Great write-up of what it was really like to write a big complicated book, managed by rather disorganised people. (via Simon Willison)

  5. Building Scalable Web Sites: Books

    Cal has a book out! Sounds interesting and very useful.

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