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Links tagged with “newsletters”

  1. Creator economy platform costs

    Calculator for the costs of newsletter/membership platforms.

  2. Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here - Body of Work: Belle de Jour

    Looking back on everything. And cleaning. “Decades ago I had something they wanted: youth and sex. They had something I wanted: money and to be taken seriously. Only one end of that equation ever gets what it wants.” (via FaveJet)

  3. About | Buttondown

    Really nice looking email newsletter service. (via Tom Taylor)

  4. Tiny Letters to the Web We Miss — The Message — Medium

    Joanne McNeil on the recent rise of email newsletters and how they compare to the old days of blogging. (via @warrenellis)

  5. LRB · Rosemary Hill · Keep Calm

    From 2007, an article that keeps coming back to me, about the Co-operative Correspondence Club, a distributed newsletter for women that lasted most of the twentieth century.

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