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9 March 2021


  1. Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here - Body of Work: Belle de Jour

    Looking back on everything. And cleaning. “Decades ago I had something they wanted: youth and sex. They had something I wanted: money and to be taken seriously. Only one end of that equation ever gets what it wants.” (via FaveJet)


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    @simonw You could make it 41%-wins and we'd still have the monarchy.

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    Having ticked off a lot of tedious tasks I can treat myself to ticking off one I've been looking forward to.

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    @GValleyCops Hi, FYI, the web link in your bio no longer works. I guess pages have been re-organised at some point.

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    @rod It's passed down through generations of window cleaners Rod. Secrets like that can't just be given away!