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Links tagged with “names”

  1. Onym

    Nice long list of dictionaries and tools and things to help with coming up with names for things. (via Tom Taylor)

  2. The Eternal Shame of Your First Online Handle - Technology - GOOD

    Kids today are going to go through so many handles, unless they’re all just using their names. Which is what I do these days. I’m just me now. (via Kottke)

  3. LRB · James Davidson · Flat-Nose, Stocky and Beautugly

    This article, about the changes in names given to children over the years was fascinating, at least (for me) until it gets round to the main subject, ancient Greek names.

  4. NameThis :: projects

    Nice idea… pay $99 for people to suggest names for your new thing. (via Haddock)

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