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Links tagged with “mailinglists”

  1. SympaLists: Sympa hosting in Europe

    “an open source, scalable, and highly-customizable modern mailing-list manager.” Hosted from €2.30/month.


    Email groups / lists. Probably nicer than Google Groups.

  3. Breeze is closing on August 1, 2013

    Oh, that’s a shame. Seemed a nice, simple implementation of group email lists from what I’d read.

  4. Cañas

    Chris Heathcote’s started an occasional email about food out and about. London so far, but he does travel, so you never know. Really good.

  5. Philgyford’s mailman-archive-scraper at master - GitHub

    My first Python code and my first attempt at using GitHub. Suggestions for things I’ve done wrong are welcome, but please be gentle.

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