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Links tagged with “maciejceglowski”

  1. What I Learned Trying To Secure Congressional Campaigns (Idle Words)

    Entertaining and interesting. “You will fare especially badly if you have written an app to fix politics.” (via @gwire)

  2. Who Will Command The Robot Armies?

    Loads of good stuff in this transcript of Maciej Ceglowski’s latest talk. The section taking the piss out of silly IoT things seems like a trivialising distraction though.

  3. Pinboard on the Next Economy Conference (with tweets) · bnwlfsn · Storify

    Long, live tweet commentary on O’Reilly’s conference which might make you laugh, cry, or grab a pitchfork. I wonder what someone in 50 or 100 years would think of this. (via @kevin2kelly)

  4. The Internet With A Human Face - Beyond Tellerrand 2014 Conference Talk

    Text of a great, if depressing, talk about privacy, internet advertising and business models by Maciej Cegłowski. “Investor storytime is when someone pays you to tell them how rich they’ll get when you finally put ads on your site.” (via @antimega)

  5. The Pinboard Investment Co-Prosperity Cloud

    Because small, profitable, slow-growing businesses are start-ups too,

  6. The Social Graph is Neither (Pinboard Blog)

    From last year, a great read about how ever more closely modelled versions of our social networks don’t create as interesting a community as a simple forum (to drastically simplify the argument).

  7. Remembrance of Links Past (Pinboard Blog)

    “About a quarter of [pages linked to from bookmarked URLs disappear] every seven years.” Not an exhaustive survey, but an interesting quick look at how quickly linkrot takes hold.

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