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Bookmarks tagged with “justice”

  1. Malcolm Bull reviews ‘On Global Justice’ by Mathias Risse · LRB 21 February 2013

    I love reading things like this, here about Risse’s Rawls-influenced theories, but also I find them very, very hard to concentrate on. (Subscribers only)

  2. Justice with Michael Sandel - Online Harvard Course Exploring Justice, Equality, Democracy, and Citizenship

    Sounds great, although it’s hard to tell if this is a simplified or different version of the actual Harvard course outlined at (via NYRB)

  3. A New Theory of Justice by Samuel Freeman | The New York Review of Books

    Starts with a good summary of John Rawls’ ‘A Theory of Justice’, then Amartya Sen’s critique of that, then the article’s author, Samuel Freeman’s, critique of that. But subscribers only, booo.

  4. Communists and Nazis: Just as Evil? | The New York Review of Books

    Interesting comparison of the relative morality of communism and nazism, and the decisions around WWII. (Subscribers only.)

  5. The New York Review of Books: Cosmopolitans

    Ethics, identity, violence, justice. “Why do we succumb so readily to appeals based on the irrational forms of identity — ethnic, racial, religious — rather than to appeals based on the rational forms — economic above all?”

  6. The New York Review of Books: Progressive but Not Liberal

    I love stuff like this - moralism, justice, etc. But I can rarely concentrate enough to understand it fully. Subscribers only.

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