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2013-02-19 (Tuesday)


  1. Mini vMac - early Macintosh emulator

    Haven’t tried it, but looks good/handy/fun. (via One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age)

  2. Original Animation For Download

    All the GIFs. (via One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age)

  3. Malcolm Bull reviews ‘On Global Justice’ by Mathias Risse · LRB 21 February 2013

    I love reading things like this, here about Risse’s Rawls-influenced theories, but also I find them very, very hard to concentrate on. (Subscribers only)


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    @blech I think some places in London are heading that way, although not that bad. Eg, Breakfast Club in Soho at weekends.

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    @geoffwatts Not really as crowd-sourced as that, a bit more manual, but kind of.

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    It was only seven hours after opening registration that the first spammer signed up for an account on Fuckers.

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    @guyyeomans No idea I’m afraid - as I said, I can’t imagine what artwork would be worth queuing up for 3+ hours for!

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    @alruii Nuts isn’t it. You’d think that special, dedicated window for optimising and saving images FOR THE WEB might do it, but oh no.

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    @kerrching I don’t think the full nuance would fit in 140 characters.

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    The worry that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, but it’d be embarrassing to spit it out so you keep chewing for another nine years.

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    @dracos Even so. Even with ice cream!

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    Tuesday afternoon and the queue for the Rain Room is still past the three hour mark. I can’t imagine the artwork I’d queue that long to see.

    City of London, England, United Kingdom

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    While I’ll miss listening to my Mix Radio, I can’t quite convince myself a subscription is worth 25% of the BBC Licence Fee.

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    The Shard transformed into a lighthouse