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Links tagged with “jonathanmeades”

  1. The joy of Essex | Rationalist Association

    Jonathan Meades: “To look down onto the Walton backwaters is equally to look down on the Walton backlands. Such a sense of impermanence and of susceptibility to powers beyond our control is rare in these islands.” (via @antimega)

  2. At Hyde Park Corner (London Review of Books)

    Jonathan Meades on fine form, on the newish Bomber Command Memorial. “The failure of British modernism and of today’s synthetic modernism to devise a memorious idiom provides an ample justification for the mongers of easy-viewin’ classicism to dump their stuff indiscriminately.”

  3. Jonathan Meades: Architects are the last people who should shape our cities | Art and design | The Guardian

    In fine form. “It is the business of attempting to create places that defeats architects. Architects cannot devise analogues for what has developed over centuries, for generation upon generation of amendments. They cannot understand the appeal of untidiness and randomness, and even if they could they wouldn’t know how to replicate it.”

  4. Christmas dinner with an excess of trimmings | Jonathan Meades | Comment is free | The Guardian

    I like the fry-up / Christmas Dinner comparison, and much else too. (via many people)

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