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Links tagged with “japan”

  1. jdrama relationship chart - Google Search

    I’d never heard of these before, but kind of fascinating. (Someone thought I’d be interested because of Crazy Walls.)

  2. A Year in the Metabolist Future of 1972 — Failed Architecture

    Mostly good because it’s so nice to read architecture writing based on having spent a year living in the building. More of this kind of thing.

  3. Ipswich man in Japanese Earthquake, of 1923 — Kindred Spirit

    My grandad’s account of surviving the Yokohama Earthquake of 1923. Also, a photo of the old Gyford greengrocer in Ipswich.

  4. Human Cloning in Japan

    Wow. Scroll down… and down… until you get to the dolls with the scary, amazing, horrible, wonderful heads based on scans of real people. Imagine having a collection of one of these for every year of your life… (via @wonderlandblog)

  5. Asian Poses - The Definitive Guide to Asian Poses

    A blog describing all the common standard poses people in that part of the world use in photographs. Fascinating. (via Kottke)

  6. -> Children’s drawings in the subway!

    Korean schoolchildren’s nasty anti-Japan drawings.

  7. Bryan Boyer’s Japan Strips

    Lovely vertical photos (click to see another).

  8. Bowblog: World’s oldest company?

    In Japan there’s a 1,400 year old family-owned building firm.

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