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Links tagged with “iraq”

  1. Rumsfeld’s War and Its Consequences Now by Mark Danner | The New York Review of Books

    This series of articles on Rumsfeld is a good read. But this, the first article, is the only one that’s available to non-subscribers.


    Adam Curtis tells a good story, and he usually ends up making me think differently about things. This one’s about armed humanitarian intervention.

  3. Soundtrack To War

    Good 90 minute documentary on what music US troops in Iraq, and Iraqis, listen to and make. Mostly: white troops listen to metal, black troops to rap.

  4. LRB | letters from Vol. 27 No. 15

    The first letter describes how US corruption in Iraq is a direct descendant of the US corruption in Vietnam.

  5. LRB | Ed Harriman : Where has all the money gone?

    Excellent but despair-inducing article outlining some of the mind-boggling corruption in post-invasion Iraq.

  6. Google Maps - 30.209688,47.394472

    Burning oil fields in Iraq from a satellite photo. Zoom in. Amazing.

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