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2014-06-15 (Sunday)


  1. Unlimited 4G Home Broadband in London | Relish

    Looks interesting. £20 per month for 4G broadband at home. So no need for a landline. People at the Barbican have been getting good speeds so far.

  2. Perry Anderson · The Italian Disaster · LRB 22 May 2014

    Not for most of the article, but for the first 7+ paragraphs outlining the, er, legal difficulties, of those in political power across Europe. We are terrible.

  3. Rumsfeld’s War and Its Consequences Now by Mark Danner | The New York Review of Books

    This series of articles on Rumsfeld is a good read. But this, the first article, is the only one that’s available to non-subscribers.

  4. After You’ve Gone by Thomas Nagel | The New York Review of Books

    On thinking about the world after we, as individuals, die. And the importance of “the collective afterlife”, “the survival and continued renewal of humanity after our personal death”. (Subscribers only)


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    @plsj @matthewward @herbieward Ouch! Me too, also at around age 4.