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Links tagged with “import”

  1. Apple - Support - Discussions - Import iPhoto Title as Aperture Version …

    Importing iPhoto library into Aperture and hanging on to your photos’ titles. (I used the iPhoto Browser, not Import iPhoto Library, although this can cause Faces and Places data to be lost.)

  2. iPhoto Export - The Possibilities (Google Translate)

    iPhoto to Aperture to Lightroom seems like the most promising way to move to Lightroom and keep your metadata. Can’t believe it’s this hard.

  3. Subsume’s django-data-import at master - GitHub

    I’m not pondering re-writing my entire Movable Type and PHP site in Django, no, not at all, that would be foolish. But if I was, this would be useful.

  4. Eudora Mailbox Cleaner

    After nearly 14 years with Eudora I might switch to when I upgrade to Leopard. This looks like just what I need for exporting and importing my life safely.

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