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Links tagged with “gifs”

  1. Web Badges World | The ultimate archive of 80x15 pixel button art

    One for the old nostalgic web folk. (via Web Curios)

  2. @OskSta Bad North Tech

    I “liked” this “moment” but I’ve no idea where that’s recorded, so. Animated GIFs (sort of) of the mechanics of a 3D game under development. Fascinating. (via Infovore)

  3. Timo Arnall - People using phones, today in London.

    Some lovely animated gifs from Timo. Hypnotic.


    Updated hi-res version of the heavily used tiny dancing woman animated gif from the 1990s.

  5. Original Animation For Download

    All the GIFs. (via One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age)

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