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Links tagged with “funds”

  1. Ethical Funds - Ethical Fund Directory, Ethical Investment, Ethical Financial Advice

    Another list of UK ethical funds, rated by someone else’s criteria.

  2. Ethical investment: failing to keep up? | FairPensions

    A recent survey of ethical fund providers in the UK. (I’m scrabbling for anything to go on, because you’d have to spend weeks researching this stuff to actually have a real clue.)

  3. Fund directory - Investment Management Association

    Compared to other fund searching tools, this is quite quick and simple, and has an “Ethical” filter. (via Monevator)

  4. Bestinvest | Fund Search | Comments | Ethical | ISA | page 1

    Aha, Besinvest’s Fund Search tool’s Advanced search options lets you filter by “Investment Themes”, such as Ethical. It’s a start.

  5. Ethical Funds | Save up to 100% on Initial Charges!

    Lists of Ethical Funds for ISAs (more categories in left-hand menu. It’s been hard just to find what’s available anywhere.

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