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Links tagged with “frintononsea”

  1. Frinton Park Estate Mini Guide | Modernism in Metroland

    “The 48 page guide includes 37 colour images of the surviving houses, plus a history of the estate and a map.” (via Things Magazine)

  2. The Round House Frinton-on-Sea, Essex | The Modern House

    Of all Frinton’s Art Deco houses, this is the one whose floor is a mosaic map of the estate.

  3. Frinton-on-Sea’s historic railway gates removed ‘under cover of darkness’ by Network Rail | UK news |

    Yes, it’s a bit quaint to want to hang on to this stuff. But it’s also a shame objects and practices important to a place and its inhabitants get ditched in favour of efficiency and money.

  4. Big L Radio Times Feature | Big L

    Article from the ‘Radio Times’ from last year describing life in the Frinton-on-Sea house that radio DJs Mike Read, David “Diddy” Hamilton and Adrian John share five days a week. Those wacky guys!

  5. Guardian Unlimited Travel | Saturday section | Quaint essential

    Raves for Frinton-on-Sea and (slightly less so) Walton-on-the-Naze.

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