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Links tagged with “flash”

  1. Requiem for a Dream

    Still one of my favourite websites promoting a film. Tries to convert the feeling of the film into something more about the web (of ten years ago) (in Flash). Also, it’s great to see that it’s still online.

  2. Christmas on the high street: retail winners and losers | Business |

    2011’s award for ‘Most Pointless And Over The Top Use Of Flash’ has already been won by the Guardian! Horrifyingly hilarious. (via @dracos)

  3. SWFUpload jQuery Plugin : Adam Royle

    A nice jQuery way to implement the SWFUpload thingummy. (via Yoz)

  4. BBC - BBC Three - TV Listings

    TV listings done as a slowly whizzy (and pointless) Flash thing. Is there really *nothing* more useful that BBC staff could be doing? (via Haddock)

  5. MTV Labs: The New HTML has ditched its Flash site for an HTML version after user feedback. (via Blackbeltjones over Twitter)

  6. FLV Online Converter -

    Free online Flash video converter, can convert YouTube videos into something usable. (via Daring Fireball)

  7. Mike Davidson: Introducing sIFR: The Healthy Alternative to Browser Text

    Replacing HTML text with Flash-rendered text just to make it look prettier seems like precious designer overkill to me. But it’s very clever and it does work.

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