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Links tagged with “exif”

  1. Marc’s Place - SetEXIFData

    Mac app front end to exiftool, for setting Exif data on photos and videos, including using a map to set their location. A bit harder to see existing Exif data nicely. (via Colin Devroe)

  2. New Lightroom plug-in – CaptureTime to Exif - John Beardsworth

    Bascially a Lightroom-plugin front-end for Exiftool. Lets you easily update the Date Time Original EXIF field (eg, for setting the date a scanned photo was taken) but also add other arguments manually.

  3. iCraig » Geotagger

    A Mac app for using Google Earth to add GPS coordinates to photos’ EXIF data. A shame iPhoto doesn’t update its cached data though. (via Lee)

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