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Links tagged with “dieworkwear”

  1. How To Develop Good Taste, Pt. 1 — Die, Workwear!

    On how taste, especially in clothing, has changed and become more fragmented.

  2. Die, Workwear! - The Amazing Style of British Cyclists

    Lovely photos, and story, of off-road cyclists in the 1950s in the UK, members of The Rough-Stuff Fellowship. Nice normal clothes.

  3. Die, Workwear! - The Spotlight Effect & Style Anxiety

    I don’t think I knew that the feeling of “I’m wearing something very slightly different than usual and now everyone’s staring at me” had a name.

  4. Guide to Getting Good Gloves

    Handy summary of different kinds of men’s leather gloves.

  5. Die, Workwear! - The Ideal Coat Wardrobe

    Nice overview, and nice examples, of a few overcoat styles.

  6. That Summer Vacation Collar

    On casual, summery, shirt collars.

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