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Links tagged with “danhill”

  1. The Incomplete City — But what was the question? — Medium

    Dan Hill on a fascinating week-long workshop at the Bartlett, with students creating a wall-sized 3D plan of a city.

  2. Let Charles be Charles | Planetizen

    In the comments, Dan Hill versus New Urbanists. Interesting. (Comments are in an odd order and the reordering widget doesn’t seem to work.)

  3. Cityofsound: Monocle: design notes

    Dan Hill’s fantastic description of the design decisions that went into the Monocle website. Lovely to see a site that manages to be distinctive but still classy.

  4. Cityofsound: Robin Hood Gardens is not the same as a digital model of Robin Hood Gardens

    Dan Hill’s excellent summary of the protest going on over plans to demolish the London housing estate. I hope they renovate rather than destroy.

  5. Cityofsound: Savile Row and tailoring urban fabric

    Great post from Dan about how developers/landlords squander centuries of space-specific history and community in favour of short-term profit.

  6. cityofsound: Los Angeles: Grand Theft Reality

    Particularly for the deja vu photos of virtual and real LA.

  7. cityofsound: The Elephant Vanishes, Barbican, London

    Dan’s right, this was stunning. Like a live action performance of the most dreamy and complex music video you’ve ever seen.

  8. Cityofsound: The Black Rider

    Went to see this last night: excellent. A bit like ‘Shock-headed Peter’ but harder to understand.

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