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Links tagged with “cyborganic”

  1. electric minds | virtual community center | profiled community

    Just came across these 1996 quotes about Cyborganic too, which I particularly like for the descriptions of the homes/offices and their ethernet cabling.

  2. Welcome to the Cyborganic Gardens

    Some broken links and images but nice to see it online still.

  3. Communities of innovation: Cyborganic and the birth of networked social media

    PhD dissertation from 2008 by Jennifer Cool. The history of Cyborganic really starts around page 151. Much nostalgia from a distance.

  4. The Participant Observer » Blog Archive » Cyborganic and the Birth of Networked Social Media (It’s here!)

    PhD thesis from a couple of years ago, on Cyborganic and other things (like Wired/Hotwired) that its members were involved in.

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