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Links tagged with “conference”

  1. - Phil Gyford at Interesting 2008 (red nose)

    Another brief clip of me talking, this bit about the clown’s red nose.

  2. - Phil Gyford at Interesting 2008 (mask)

    A clip of me (taken by Roo) talking about masks at Interesting 2008.

  3. GeeKyoto2008 - 17 May 2008

    Just booked my ticket. Clever people getting together at the Conway Hall “to discuss the future and how we’ll live in it.”

  4. Russell davies: interesting speakers

    I’ll be speaking for five minutes at Interesting 2007 on “something to do with acting.” Bet you can’t wait.

  5. Noisy Decent Graphics: Interesting 2007

    Fantastic ideas for doing all the supporting graphic/ product/ identity design around the Interesting 2007 mini conference. Lots of re-use of materials, very nice. (via Blackbeltjones)

  6. Russell Davies: a possible date for your diary

    A one-day London conference on interesting things. Could be excellent, although the flood of enthusiastic comments from advertising people don’t get my hopes up.

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