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Links tagged with “classicalmusic”

  1. The Brilliant Music of Ravel by Charles Rosen | The New York Review of Books

    As someone who’s only awareness of Ravel is what I think of as the flouncy Torville & Dean ‘Bolero’, I love the descriptions here (especially in section 3) of exactly why Ravel’s music was avant-garde. Unfortunately, subscribers only.

  2. Musopen raises $40,000 to set classical music “free”

    Love this - raising money via Kickstarter to hire orchestras to record copyright-free versions of classical music. (via Waxy)

  3. Paul Morley’s showing off … Classical | Music |

    Somehow I was unaware of the BBC programme and now it’s off iPlayer. Grrr. Sounds awesome and I’ve only read ‘Critic to Composer’ so far. (via Blackbeltjones)

  4. Classic Cat - the free classical music directory

    Directory with links to musicians’ sites with free MP3s of their classical performances.

  5. Intense / complex classical music | Ask MetaFilter

    Handy recommendations from Arvo Part to, er, the ‘Conan the Barbarian’ soundtrack. (via ChrisDodo)

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